Here’s the latest from The Mono Grande - a commercial for international child poverty charity World Vision – and our first collaboration with Don’t Panic London. As with all TMG films it’s a massive collaboration. Lots of pre production by Sofi Berenger and Jack Mcgloughlin, it was co-directed by myself and Charlie Miller, DP’d by me and starred the wonderful and super-patient Rosie. We shot this in April 2015 at Mark French’s Broadley Studios, Marylebone. The slick camera arc was supplied by Dan Lobo Pires and Chris Field with sharp focus from Stephen Cornacchia. The set was by Emma Winter , Ellie and Tess with carpentry by Wilf Handy. Lottie Day did Rosie’s hair and makeup. The tune was composed by Sean Hargreaves and recorded at Tileyard Studios, sound design by Jono at ScriptJoe Plant supplied the cawing crow and the mosquitos. The bedroom shot was shot on the Amira with some sweet Cooke S4i mini glass and the exterior was done on the Sony A7s on the Ronin at Boathouse Farm, Isfield – the scene of my and Charlie’s first uni short film - and featured Rosie’s mum as the mum and Harry the dog as the dog.